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Smart Charging For Internal Transport

Always sufficient capacity thanks to energy storage in the ATEPS PWR Booster

The ATEPS PWR Booster absorbs peak loads in the energy network

With the advent of internal transport vehicles with lithium-ion batteries, there has been more than ever the need for smart energy management. The increasing demand for larger amounts of electricity from the fast chargers associated with lithium-ion batteries can in many cases be increasingly difficult to meet. With our energy storage system, you can place a flexible power bank between the chargers and the power grid that absorbs peak loads. This form of peak shaving guarantees the availability of energy and saves costs.

Internal transport vehicles with a lithium-ion battery can always be used thanks to unlimited interim charging. Charging is done simply during breaks, where even a quarter of an hour of charging already pays off. This makes the forklifts available 24 hours, 7 days a week, which is attractive to many logistics companies. The downside of using lithium-ion forklifts is that the internal power network must be suitable for those short, intensive charging periods. That is not always the case. With the energy storage system, you have a rechargeable power bank that stores and releases energy. Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, the power bank is an interesting and cost-effective solution for any company, regardless of organization size and the number of trucks.

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