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Smart charging in Hoofddorp (NL)

The number of electric cars is increasing rapidly, as is the need for charging these cars. If we do this smartly, we can keep electric and fuel car drivers happy together, and we also want to prevent overloading of the public power grid. At the new charging plaza on Marktplein in Hoofddorp, we are working with a parking solution that regulates normal parking and electric charging in a friendly manner, and we are installing a battery that takes care of the balancing.

Parking at a charging station can sometimes be a challenge. Places with charging stations are sometimes blocked by fuel cars and if there is little supply of electric cars, it is a pity for the fuel driver that that place is unnecessarily kept free.

The battery that controls the balancing is incorporated in the street furniture, so that it has little impact on the environment.

Slim Laden Haarlemmermeer developed these innovations at the new charging plaza in Hoofddorp. This charging plaza is part of ‘Proeftuin Slimme Laadpleinen’ of I&W, NKL and Elaad.

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