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Smart charging in Duivendrecht (NL)

A smart charging station has been commissioned in Duivendrecht. Due to its strategic location, the publicly accessible charging station is particularly suitable for logistics companies. Deudekom and other companies are already using it. The station is an important step in the development of electric city distribution, which ensures cleaner air in the city. We all breathe that.

The smart charging station in Duivendrecht consists of eight charging points, a fast charger and a Battery Energy Storage System. Alderman Rineke Korrel of the municipality of Ouder-Amstel: “It is not for nothing that the charging station has opened here, because the location near the A10 ring road is strategic and Deudekom is a pioneer in zero-emission city logistics.”

At its hub, Deudekom transfers goods from large diesel trucks to smaller electric vans. They deliver the orders to the customers in the city. Goods from different suppliers are bundled and delivered at once as much as possible. This is efficient, ensures less traffic in the city and provides additional environmental benefits. Something that the Amsterdam Transport Region as a partner in the project also warmly welcomes.

System developed and built by ATEPS for iWell

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