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Making ice in a smarter way in Alkmaar

Sports complex ‘De Meent’ is equipped with a total of more than 1,700 solar panels and has a charging plaza with 16 charging points for electric cars and 20 charging points for electric bicycles. In order to optimally use this generated energy, it is stored in the storage system to be supplied by ATEPS, so that a significant part of the electricity supply can be provided from this system even after sunset.

280 kilowatt hours
The system to be delivered has a storage capacity of 280-kilowatt hours and a capacity of 240 kilowatts. It will be housed in a special housing and will be installed close to the other technical installations.

With this command, ATEPS shows that storage systems can be used in many different applications. At the sports complex De Meent it is important to store the excess energy generated and to use it at a later time. But storage systems can also be used for other applications. For example, as buffers for charging electric vehicles, trading with (renewable) energy on the EPEX energy exchange or stabilizing the grid frequency.

Sports complex De Meent consists of a multifunctional building for sporting and business meetings. An ice rink of 400 meters, sports halls, retail spaces, catering, office spaces, and meeting rooms. The complex is also suitable for events and concerts.

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