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Agricultural company De Jong en Bos are entrepreneurs with a sustainable view of the future. Jan Reinier has a great urge for innovation, but solid choices that are an answer to problems to be expected in the future. The other condition is that the choices made must have a good economic perspective. Partly due to this innovation, they won an Agrafiek Award in 2016 in the Arable farming category. It was the first agricultural company in Europe to store electricity commercially.”

For this project they made use of the SDE subsidy and a “Green Deal” from the province of Drenthe. As a result, they have installed 1,050 solar panels with a total peak capacity of 310,000 kilowatts. Its own power consumption is 75,000 kWh per year and the rest can be sold. For the sale of sustainable energy, he has assumed efficiency of 80% of his panels. This has to do with the east-west arrangement.

This became possible with the purchase of a battery storage system from ATEPS and an adaptation of its power connection to a 400kVa transformer. The Reefer has standard 19 ″ enclosures with 14 battery modules in each box. The construction is completely modular and can be expanded in steps of 35 kWh.

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