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Medium and large energy storage systems

ATEPS is one of the first Dutch companies that started developing and building its own storage system in 2014. We have a wide range of container systems for energy storage that can be used for various solutions:

  • peak shaving
  • buffering energy for charging electric cars, buses and trucks
  • trading on the EPEX exchange
  • stabilizing the mains-frequency

The proprietary ATEPS design makes it possible to better utilize the properties of the batteries for maximum life and functionality within the various applications. In addition, the system is extremely maintenance-free and there are no voltage-carrying or data cables on the front of the lithium batteries.

ATEPS has developed the Storage Control System (SCS) itself, which can control both small and large systems. The SCS communicates with the batteries, converters, and peripherals such as the HVAC, smoke, fire, and burglar alarms. Due to the broad system knowledge of the batteries, the converters, and the peripheral equipment, a complete and extremely safe control system is available for aggregators that can communicate with the storage system in a simple way.

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