Energy Trading

The EPEX SPOT Power Auction is a Day-Ahead auction, where trading takes place on one day for the delivery of electricity the next day. Market members submit their orders electronically, after which supply and demand are compared and the market price is calculated for each hour of the following day. More information here 

Mismatches between offered and bought energy result in a secondary market, called the imbalance market and selling stored energy during those moments of imbalance results in a higher selling price compared to continues supply of PV-Energy.

Jan-Reinier de Jong – Odoorn

Installed at a farm in the north-east of the Netherlands, this system stores solar energy that is used at a later time at the farm and for trade on the APX/Imbalance power-exchange and the stabilization of the 50Hz.


  • 20 feet Reefer container
  • 300kWh of battery storage
  • 350kW of converter power
  • The first system installed by ATEPS for use at the EPEX

Royal Lemkes – GreenParc

Installed at Royal Lemkes / Greenparc in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands, this system is used to store self-generated solar energy for use at a later time. The system is also used for trading energy at the Dutch EPEX-power exchange and for frequency stabilization (FCR)


  • 30 feet Reefer container
  • 600kWh of battery storage
  • 450kW of converter power
  • The system is divided into two individual systems, each with its own battery bank and converter, adding additional redundancy.