Jos Theuns
    Managing Director

    Jos Theuns manages ATEPS, his background is a combination of industrial automation and batteries. Having worked at Rockwell Automation and General Electric and Thales, he has broad international experience.

    During the last 25 years, Jos has focussed on batteries whereby Lithium Ion was the main focus although experience with other technologies such as lead-acid batteries, supercapacitors and other electrochemical systems is not strange to him either.

    Clearly, his focus is on the technical side of the business and systems offered by ATEPS.

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    • Phone: +31 (0)6 8796 3700 (mobile)
    • Phone: +31 (0)492 792 707 (office)
      Jaap Langius
      Technical Manager

      Jaap Langius is responsible for the construction of the storage systems build by ATEPS. Jaap too has international experience, having worked in India and Indonesia on green energy projects and other related technologies.

      His experience in remote areas, where qualified personnel is hard to find, helps to ensure that the ATEPS systems are also easy to maintain and do not require extensive knowledge for most of its tasks. 

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      • Phone: +31 (0)6 1422 1470 (mobile)
      • Phone: +31 (0)492 792 707 (office)
        Wei (Winnie) Yan
        Management Assistent

        Winnie Yan provides support to the ATEPS team as an interface to our international suppliers and customers. With education at the Beijing University in English and Business administration and 20 years experience in the battery industry, she is well qualified for these tasks. 

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        • Phone: +31 (0)492 792 707 (office)