What do we do?

ATEPS makes the storage of sustainable energy accessible, safe and attractive.
ATEPS develops, builds and supplies battery-based Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for the smart management of electrical energy. Due to the extensive modular construction of ATEPS systems, they are suitable for both small and larger customers.

Generating renewable energy when possible and using this energy when you need it. You, along with ATEPS, can also make an important contribution to the energy transition and a cleaner planet.

Are you curious about how our systems give you control over your own energy? Call or email us for a no-obligation conversation.

That is control over your own energy!

We Moved!

ATEPS Nederland BV moved to a new location! We are very happy with our new improved office, demo- and meeting facilities, and much larger production area. We look forward to welcoming you!

Our new address:
Schootensedreef 11a
5708 BK Helmond
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)492 792707
email: info@ateps.com

Easy to customize
Our systems are modular and flexible and can be adapted to your requirements easily. The systems can also be relocated and used with little effort.
Ease of Use
The ATEPS systems are easy to use, you will not even notice that they are there, other than the improved power quality or reduced energy costs.
Open Communication
Our systems communicate with all kinds of control and SCADA systems. New business models that are going to arise can therefore easily be connected to the ATEPS ESS.
Do you want to discuss a storage system? An examination of the options? Reducing your contracted energy costs? Talk to ATEPS, you will receive professional advice on the use of an ESS.

Who We Are?

ATEPS is one of the few companies in Europe that designed the complete system, from battery modules to Battery Management System to the Energy Management System.

With safety and flexibility in mind, ATEPS has designed small and large systems for the storage of energy in battery-based units.

Using state-of-the-art technology, your energy can be used for many different tasks.

Want to learn more? Contact ATEPS!

  • Small and medium-sized systems are often used as peak-shaving systems or storage buffers. Stored PV- or wind energy is stored in the batteries for the reduction of connection cost and/or delivering energy to charge electric vehicles.

  • Medium and large systems are often used for storage of PV- and wind-energy that is used at a later time, for trade of energy on the power-exchanges and for stabilisation of the grid-frequency