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Why use ATEPS Energy Storage Systems?

ATEPS develops, builds and supplies systems based on batteries that store energy. We call this an Energy Storage System (EOS). The energy transition is an international policy objective to use almost exclusively renewable energy by 2050. 40,000 windmills and 1500 km² of solar panels and that’s a lot. We also have the coalition agreement to reduce almost half of our CO2 emissions by 2030.

NOW IS THE TIME to switch to renewable energy.

Smart investing and sustainability go hand by hand. ATEPS has the solution for you! By using electrical energy in a smarter way, we make storage of sustainable energy accessible, safe and attractive. Store energy when it is available and use it at a later time. Due to the extensive modular construction of ATEPS systems, they are suitable for both small and larger customers. Do you want to make an important contribution to a cleaner planet and invest in a changing energy market and are you curious about what ATEPS can do for you?

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ATEPS is completely focused on developing and building the best storage systems that are widely deployable and function excellently for several applications.

  • International focus – Our systems work in accordance to the different international standards.

  • Good guidance – broad knowledge of the technology and applications help you make the correct decision
  • Understanding the functionality – Remote visibility and monitoring through our AZURE platform.


Developing ‘world-class’ energy storage systems that can be used for a variety of tasks and applications over a long period of time.
KEEP IT SIMPLE, the energy market is already complex enough’. ATPES translates your wishes and applications into systems, without frills and complicated ‘small print’.
Energy storage systems is our business and we limited ourselves to that and we work together with specialists in other areas.
THE BEST STORAGE SYSTEM for your application

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